September 15, 2016

Research is a huge part of my personal life. I have researched many things in my life for many reasons. Every time I ask my parents for anything they tell me to research it so I don’t make an uninformed decision. For example, I wanted to get a husky puppy, so my mom told me to research every little thing there is to know about owning a husky, and through that research, we realized that it would cost us way too much money with all the things we would need to do to prepare for one. Thank god she made me research it because if she hadn’t, we would have learned quickly that huskies jump over fences, so it would have jumped over my 4 foot fence. Research being a big part of my life has always made it easy for me when I have to do research for school, because I have always had to research things at home. If it is a given topic, it is even more easy, but when I have to choose my own topic to research, it still is pretty easy for me.


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