September 20, 2016

From the article Wikipedia is good for you, I was surprised to see that somebody actually found a way to use Wikipedia for good. The article talked about the different ways that somebody could use Wikipedia for a research paper. The obvious way that people know is the one that most teachers say should never be done, which is to use it as a source. There are loopholes to how a student could get away with it, and they are actually pretty simple. Wikipedia can be used for brainstorming ideas of what to put in the paper by looking at the content sections like the introduction and history sections. Wikipedia can also be used from the references at the bottom of the page. Somebody could go on Wikipedia and scroll to the bottom of the page and see what sources the author used to get the information on that topic. If the sources are real, somebody could use that as a source. The loopholes are pretty simple, and anybody can use them, as long as they make sure that the sources they use are real.


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