September 22, 2016

It is important to think about rhetoric when writing because writers need to use Ethos, Pathos and Logos when forming a good writing piece. A good writer can’t write without having credibility, otherwise people won’t believe what they say. They also can’t write without using emotion because it wouldn’t get the point across in an argument. Finally, a writer couldn’t write without using Logos because it is the appeal to reason and have a well thought out argument and well structured positions. If a writer doesn’t use logos, it doesn’t sound like something anybody would believe, which goes back to credibility. They’re all tied together and a good writer would know to use all three in a writing piece.

Looking back at previous pieces I’ve written, I don’t think I have used rhetoric very well, if I even have at all. I probably have and just didn’t realize it, but I don’t think I would have used it very well since I didn’t know what it was. I only would have used it when writing argumentative papers in high school, but I probably didn’t do it a lot.


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