October 11, 2016

Somebody Laughing:

I saw somebody laughing today. They were sitting alone at the dining commons, looking at their phone and just laughed out loud. My first thought was “I wonder what made them laugh so hard,” and then my friend looked over and got a weird look on her face. I asked her about the strange look and she didn’t know how to answer why she got that look on her face.

I ask myself, and I ask you:

Is it not acceptable for somebody to be alone and laugh out loud?

Is it weird to see somebody laughing alone?

Why do we think it is strange for somebody to laugh when they are alone?

Is it wrong for somebody to express their happiness?

Is it wrong that something made somebody laugh?

It isn’t wrong that something made this person laugh. So what if they were alone. Something or somebody made them laugh and that is beautiful. It is perfectly fine that this person laughed.

It isn’t a crime that they laughed.

So, why did my friend get a strange look on her face? Because she thought it was weird. Society trained her, as well as many others, that it isn’t acceptable to do certain things alone. Eating alone is apparently strange, laughing alone is apparently strange, going to the movie theater alone is apparently strange.

But why?

None of those things are wrong. I give somebody a lot of credit to do those things alone. It is a beautiful thing that somebody wants to be alone and do things alone.

Let people live their own lives. Try to not judge people as often. Try to find the beauty in people and things.

It is beautiful that somebody was laughing alone.

Aspire to laugh alone.


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