November 1, 2016

I conducted primary research by using twitter polls. I made a thread of questions and made 5 polls for people to vote on anonymously. The first question I asked is “Do you think technology has negatively affected your in person communication? And the options to vote on were yes and no. The next question asks “If you answered yes to the last one, how much would you say it has negatively affected your communication?” and the options were a little, a lot, in between, or I answered no. The third question was “What part of technology has affected your in person communication skills the most? And the options to answer were Social Media, texting/ video chat, and gaming.  Next I asked basic questions about the people who were answering to get a sense of who was answering the questions. I asked “If you answered all other questions, what is your age range?” And the options to answer were under 15, 16-18, 19-21 and over 21. The last question I asked was “What gender do you identify as?” The options were male, female, other, and prefer not to answer.


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