December 6, 2016

The CSW was last Thursday, my time was scheduled for 5:10- 5:30. I showed up at 5:00, set my poster up, and waited the entire time for somebody to come up to me. I was about 85% prepared for the CSW. I never figured out how to make my poster look a little bit better, because I had no way to go to a store and buy something else for it. I would choose a different way to show technology affecting communication. I didn’t like how crowded it was and how loud it was. I liked that I could see things that other people worked on, though I didn’t want to carry my poster around while looking at other people’s work. my overall thoughts of the CSW was that I didn’t like it, and it was necessary to go to, but nobody even looked at mine or talked to me so i didn’t really have a choice to do anything else. I would suggest that next time, give students more options to not have to do the topic they did all of their research on, have more time for the CSW, give more time for students to work on their multimodal project, and have everything be more organized.


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