December 8, 2016

Rhetoric is the conscious choices you make in writing, speaking, and composing.

  1. Two ways I used rhetoric during this semester are by using Kairos for my project. My project thesis was about technology affecting communication, and technology is growing more and more each day which makes the project very timely. Another way I used rhetoric was by using pathos, which involves emotion, and I used that by making the readers feel emotion while reading. On my poster I did for the CSW I put a picture on it that was of an iPhone screen. On the screen there was a text conversation between a mom and her kid and it was supposed to make readers feel emotion because the mom left the kids sports game when they scored the winning goal.
  2. Two ways my research process has changed over the semester are that I learned that Wikipedia is a good place to start when doing research and I always thought it was a thing that should never be used. I also learned to look at the sources that one website used and keep clicking on sources that other ones used to be able to get all of my information and not have to look everything up manually.
  3. The purpose of documentation systems is to look more professional and have more credibility so it doesn’t look uneducated and immature.
  4. One benefit I found in composing with digital technologies was that it is easier to access than a journal or hard copy of something. One challenge was that it can be harder to visually show for certain things. Some things are better said with words and not visually.
  5. The impact that sharing my work had on my composing was that I learned what looks and sounds good and what looks and sounds bad, which I wouldn’t have been able to learn if I hadn’t shared my work or done any peer reviewing with others.

December 6, 2016

The CSW was last Thursday, my time was scheduled for 5:10- 5:30. I showed up at 5:00, set my poster up, and waited the entire time for somebody to come up to me. I was about 85% prepared for the CSW. I never figured out how to make my poster look a little bit better, because I had no way to go to a store and buy something else for it. I would choose a different way to show technology affecting communication. I didn’t like how crowded it was and how loud it was. I liked that I could see things that other people worked on, though I didn’t want to carry my poster around while looking at other people’s work. my overall thoughts of the CSW was that I didn’t like it, and it was necessary to go to, but nobody even looked at mine or talked to me so i didn’t really have a choice to do anything else. I would suggest that next time, give students more options to not have to do the topic they did all of their research on, have more time for the CSW, give more time for students to work on their multimodal project, and have everything be more organized.

November 22, 2016

Sharing research digitally versus writing a research paper is better in my opinion because more people can see it, and it isn’t limited to being a paper copy only. Research is something that people will look at whenever they are curious about that topic. My topic being technology affecting communication in person, would be something that in a few years, when technology advances even more, people could go back to look at how things were during this time, and study the differences. My topic personally would be better shared digitally because it is about technology and people would be using technology to look at the research that I shared.

November 15, 2016

If somebody was to ask me what my research for my paper was about I would tell them the most important parts of the research. My paper is about how much people use their technology and how it affects their communication in person. Some people are more aware than others about how much they use technology. When people are aware that other people are using it too much, they are aware of how much they then use it.

November 1, 2016

I conducted primary research by using twitter polls. I made a thread of questions and made 5 polls for people to vote on anonymously. The first question I asked is “Do you think technology has negatively affected your in person communication? And the options to vote on were yes and no. The next question asks “If you answered yes to the last one, how much would you say it has negatively affected your communication?” and the options were a little, a lot, in between, or I answered no. The third question was “What part of technology has affected your in person communication skills the most? And the options to answer were Social Media, texting/ video chat, and gaming.  Next I asked basic questions about the people who were answering to get a sense of who was answering the questions. I asked “If you answered all other questions, what is your age range?” And the options to answer were under 15, 16-18, 19-21 and over 21. The last question I asked was “What gender do you identify as?” The options were male, female, other, and prefer not to answer.

October 25, 2016

In Murray’s, ‘The Maker’s Eye” article, I found it most interesting when something was said about somebody famous rewriting something one 150 times. It was interesting to hear about how we were all told in high school and younger that one rough draft is enough, but a good writer would make a lot of rough drafts in order to make it perfect. No first draft is going to be good so making more rough drafts, it will eventually be perfect. I still feel that revising is very important because there isn’t many ways to mess up by revising.